Justice League: Director’s Cut excites us with the trailer


The film will air exclusively for HBO Max next spring 2021 from Zack Snyder; this time uncut, his purest vision.

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Justice League: Director’s Cut, Zack Snyder’s original version of Justice League. The film, which is still scheduled for next spring 2021, will arrive exclusively on the portal of series and movies on demand HBO Max.

More than 4 hours of film; premiere spring 2021

“Simply us. United. And that’s all we need, ”we can read in the official description of this promising new preview of the film, which in a few hours has garnered more than 65,000 ‘likes’ on YouTube.

The peculiarity of this film (or mini-series) is that, as it is a Director’s Cut version, it has plenty of footage: it lasts more than four hours; four episodes of more than an hour. In fact, in this new trailer for Justice League: Director’s Cut we can already see unreleased scenes from the 2017 film.

Now, what is really due to the existence of this extended version of the film? Given the controversy of the original film, which divided comic book fans and film art lovers over the intervention of Joss Whedon, Warner Bros. decided to allow the production of this feature film with the director’s cuts, thus offering a pure vision of Zack Snyder of this work, with the exception that it will not be on the big screen but on HBO Max where we can see it.

Still, what we can expect from Snyder’s version of Justice League: Director’s Cut is a very different perspective from the movie three years ago, although there is footage that does recur, of course. It will be an opportunity to show the work of directing in a film, with two perfectly differentiated visions.

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As for news, cave to highlight the appearance of Darkseid. For their part, Gal Godot, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have returned to the recording studio to film new scenes and thus expand the cast of materials available for the new version of the film. Despite the rumors of other famous actors and characters in the DC universe, we are waiting for their confirmation, since now they are only rumors.

Justice League: Director’s Cut will premiere between April and June exclusively for the on-demand portal HBO Max.


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