Justice League Dark: meet the characters from DC Comics


Acclaimed by many DC Comics fans, the Dark Justice League is made up of characters who deal with supernatural issues beyond the reach of the traditional Justice League.

And the team’s success did not go unnoticed. The Dark Justice League has gained so much prominence over the years that it will become a live-action series for streaming HBO Max, produced by Bad Robot. It is worth remembering that the team had an animated film in 2017, with dubbing by Rosario Dawson and Alfred Molina.

Created during the publisher’s Novos 52 reboot, the first edition of the team was launched in 2011, with experienced screenwriter Peter Milligan. The first story of the Dark Justice League brought together the characters Constantine, Shade, Zatanna, Challenger, Mental Distortion and Madame Xanadu against plans to destroy the witch Magic.

Over time, other characters were added to the team’s formation, such as Frankenstein, Black Orchid, Swamp Monster, among others. How about meeting some of the characters that are part of this supernatural team?

John Constantine

One of DC’s most iconic characters, John Constantine was already played by Keanu Reeves in cinema in 2005. Leader of the Dark Justice League (and later replaced by Zatanna), the magician is able to create illusions and converse with both demons and ghosts, but his greatest skill is cunning in dealing with enemies.

Madame Xanadu

She is the one who organizes the Dark Justice League when she foresees an event that only they are able to stop. Madame Xanadu has also won Death in a card game, which makes her immortal.

In the past, she was the sorceress Nimue (an adaptation of the legend of King Arthur’s stories) and lost her powers after trying to bewitch Merlin.


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