JustAMinx Reacted to a Viral Video That Quarreled With His Family Live on Air


JustAMinx reacted to a viral video in which a streamer is arguing with her family after her broadcast from Ireland suddenly ended.

Over the past few months, JustAMinx has continued to make headlines due to various problems, ranging from breaking into her house, using drugs during a night out with friends, and even because QTCinderella cost $50,000 due to the closure of The Streamer Awards afterparty.

Minx has since returned home to Ireland to be with her family and talked about her drinking habits in her first broadcast after the Streamer Awards ceremony.

The clip showing Minx arguing with her family went viral on March 21, and the Twitch star has since reacted to some of the things she said during the fight.

JustAMinx got into a fight with his family live

During the broadcast on Twitch, Minx started arguing with a family member who was behind the scenes. The Twitch star got up from her seat, knocking over the camera she was using.

During the quarrel, the Twitch chat called on Minks to stop broadcasting, writing that now is not the “time and place” to confront a family member.

Most of the comments made on the stream are hard to understand, but towards the end Minx said: “You like the damn little men,” which some fans took as a hint of inappropriate actions with minors.

The video went viral on Twitter shortly after the broadcast ended, and Minx was quick to respond to comments about the statements she made about her sister.

“Americans are so soft,” she wrote in one tweet, and in another made it clear that the accusations she made against her sister were not true.

Others responded to her comments, saying it was “normal” for UK residents to use the term “p*to” in disputes.

Minks also announced that she would make a video about the situation, presumably to explain the context that started the viral dispute.

We’ll have to wait until this is uploaded to find out more about the situation, and in the meantime, you can go to our entertainment section to find out more news and other viral stories.


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