“Just won the women’s lottery” — When Olivia Wilde Left a Young Ryan Reynolds in an Awkward Situation to Grab Her Breasts


Olivia Wilde once helped Ryan Reynolds touch his chest. Although both are respected and known for their professionalism, working on a busy stage is difficult for everyone. This is even more typical for a sex scene between two actors in front of an entire team. Reynolds, who starred in a long list of films, also found himself in a similar state.


Although the “Deadpool” actor is married, Olivia Wilde left him speechless during the filming of their movie “Change”. During the interview, Reynolds explained the fun of the stormy scene between him and Wilde and how she helped him get through that scene.

How Olivia Wilde and Ryan Reynolds once filmed a sex scene.

Ryan Reynolds is known for his comedy films, but he has a lot of adventures and vivid scenes. During an episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in 2011, he cheerfully explained the filming of a sex scene. In the “Change Up” scene, Olivia Wilde was sitting in only panties and pies on her nipples.

But charming emoticons are painted on the pies. But instead of focusing on the dialogue, Reynolds forgot his lines. He remembered how she took his palm and put it on her animals. His palms were sweating, and he said, “And I try not to look at her like a 14-year-old boy who just won the women’s lottery.”

But it wasn’t the most awkward moment. When the scene ended, he looked at his palms and realized that they had smiley pies on them. Despite the fact that the scene was cut, he puts his hands on Olivia’s chest again to cover them. Not knowing if he was covering for them or sexually assaulting them in the workplace. Although, most likely, all this was taken as a joke.

The 2011 comedy fantasy film was directed by David Dobkin, starring Jason Bateman alongside Ryan Reynolds and Wilde. Despite the fact that the film was not a great success with critics, it became an excellent addition to the actor’s comedy films.

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