Just wave! Clubhouse develops ‘Wave’ function for conversation with friends and family


Created in the mid-2020s in the United States, the Clubhouse quickly fell in favor of American users and, even with all the limitations imposed at the first moment, it bothered the more traditional social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, encouraging the creation of alternatives ” copied” from the new app.


Since then, we have seen that the Clubhouse team did not settle with the initial success and continued with the work to expand the platform’s advantages, such as the long-awaited arrival for Android, authorization for Brazilian users to officially use the app and also , to start offering text chat and spatial audio on iOS.

Following on the trail of the news that are about to arrive in the app, we have the revelation by our well-known Jane Manchun Wong of the development of a function called ‘Waves’ or something like ‘Waves’ in free translation into Portuguese.

In Wong’s post, you can see two screenshots of the new function under development, including one that mentions that the ‘Waves’ function allows you to send the request to chat, opening “a new room for you and the people you waved to”, something which shows above all that the main focus is on conversations between acquaintances in private rooms.

In the second print, it is possible to check how the user card will look with the inclusion of the ‘Waves’ button, placed next to the one related to sending messages and above a larger third, which allows a complete view of the accessed profile.

For now, there is still no information regarding the availability of this function in the Clubhouse but considering the location by Wong, it is possible to imagine that we will have news related to it soon.


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