“…just give me a slap in the face” — King Richard Doesn’t Want an Autograph, But a Slap in The Face From Will Smith If He Meets Him


King Richard, the legendary tennis icon better known as the father of Serena Williams and Venus Williams, has never met Will Smith. The Hollywood star played him in the movie “King Richards”; a role that earned him an Oscar. However, the controversy that followed this victory overshadowed both the victory and the film.

A year later, the media-shy King Richard spoke about his thoughts on Oscar Slapgate. Surprisingly, he laughed off the incident, hoping one day to get a slap in the face from the actor!

King Richard has no bitter feelings for Will Smith

It turns out that an 80-year-old man is not offended by the star. In fact, he was delighted with his performance in the film and that he did such a good job. King Richard was never involved in the production process, unlike Serena and Venus. He and Will Smith have never met or communicated, but he hopes to meet him one day and get a slap in the face.

“I would just say, hi. And maybe what I should do… is just slap me in the face,” he told The Sun.

The “I’m a Legend” actor made headlines last year when he hit Chris Rock at the Oscars. The comedian joked about Jada Pinkett’s alopecia, which did not suit the 54-year-old girl.

Richard did not attend the Oscar presentation and did not see it live. Instead, his son Chavoita LeSan showed him a clip on YouTube the next day. He was confused and thought that Rock had angered Smith. On the other hand, Lesein thought it was a parody, like many others.

Unlike others, Richard appreciated the father of three for taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing. He also does not consider it fair to take away his Oscar, and a 10-year ban is too cruel. However, Chavoita was not happy when Smith later, during his acceptance, mentioned that he was in character when he hit Rock. Serena’s brother insisted that his father would always walk the “high road” and not condone violence.

Well, Will was the butt of all the jokes. Despite his absence from the Golden Globes, Jarrod Carmichael never missed an opportunity to make fun of him.

Do you agree with King Richard? Do you also think the 10-year ban on it is too harsh?


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