Just Dance 2021, analysis of the king to dance at home


At the holidays, Just Dance turns our living room back into a dance floor. There is no Christmas without Just Dance.

Every year, the most dancing players look forward to the new installment of this Ubisoft saga. Winter parties are the best time to turn the living room into a dance floor for the whole family, since dancing is a very welcome activity in festive gatherings and where everyone is welcome. Last year, we had an edition that commemorated 10 years of history of one of the most relevant video-play series in the musical genre. This year, marked by the coronavirus, Just Dance became one of the video games that made our confinement more bearable, especially after Ubisoft granted a free month of Just Dance Unlimited. Today we review Just Dance 2021, available for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

Everybody on the track!

In dark times, we welcome joyful and carefree video games with open arms. Just as Animal Crossing New Horizons was the virtual oasis for many players during the quarantine, Just Dance 2021 presents another year to rejoice in a strange Christmas, where family gatherings will be reduced and many of us will continue to be away from our loved ones. The spirit of the saga remains present and alive in this new edition: dancing is a healthy and fun exercise for everyone. Both veterans of video games, as the lay public, adults and children are welcome to this dance floor where the only instruction is to imitate the movements of the dance monitor that will represent the choreography before us. Without judgment or embarrassment, the only requirement to enjoy Just Dance is the desire to have fun and we do not need an exceptional physical form.

Like the last installments, Just Dance remains very intuitive and with a very comfortable navigation. The graphics continue with the usual psychedelic and festive aesthetic, with dancers without a defined face so that we can easily identify with them. The music is heard with an impeccable clarity, and in all the songs we have a karaoke version so that the lyrics accompany us.

The same old song (and the one we like)

Just Dance 2021 maintains a formula without great news, with the same modes of recent years: we will be able to access thematic lists or individual songs to give our best, and the precision of our movements will be scored with ratings ranging from ” OK “to” Perfect “, to add up on a star scale. Sometimes, we will be offered the movements “Yeah”, which will give us a “Perfect” just by hitting it. At the end, we will receive a count of all the correct notes and we will level up.

We will also get mojo with the songs and daily challenges completed and we can use it to get collectibles such as avatars, stickers or titles. We can also unlock new choreographic versions of the same song if we meet other challenges, such as dancing the same theme five times. This decision, which we saw in the last edition, keeps interest fresh. However, the mecha of Just Dance 2021 will be short, as we will explore later.


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