JURIA (XG) привлекает внимание кавером на песн I IU “Dear Name”


On Thursday (06), XG continued the series of cover videos with an emotional performance by JURIA performing IU’s song “이 ( (Dear Name)”. The creative versatility and individual talents of the participants are once again shown in the videos posted on the official YouTube channel of the group.

“Since this is the first time I will be presenting my solo vocal performance to everyone, I wanted to sing “(Dear Name)” performed by IU, an artist whom I deeply respect. the people I want to reunite with, just by saying their names, and sang a song, presenting myself as the main character of this song. I hope I was able to convey my love and gratitude to the members of XG, my family and all ALPHAZ, who always give XG and me a lot of love and support!”, — said the artist. The song, originally written by IU, is very much loved by South Korean music lovers. JURIA’s soft, unique and sentimental voice evokes different emotions.

Managed by XGALX, the female group XG, which debuted in March 2022, has currently released two singles: “Tippy Toes” and “MASCARA”. The artists reached the top of iTunes in 17 countries and regions after becoming popular on TikTok thanks to their wonderful choreography. Now the septet continues to attract the attention of ALPHAZ (the name of their fandom) and other interns with their cover versions. The first video was a version of Tori Kelly’s song “Nobody Love” by CHISA, uploaded last week.

After the release of the second video, fans are excited and speculating about what the next performances might be. Since their debut, the band has never stopped uploading videos, chatting in their fan club and taking behind-the-scenes photos.

Check out “JURIA from XG — Vocal Performance (이 De Dear Name)” and other content on XG’s official YouTube channel.

JURIA from XG – Vocal Performance (이름에게 Dear Name)