Jurgen Klopp Insists Transfer Plans Will Remain Secret: “We know what we want to do”


Jurgen Klopp explained that Liverpool “know what we want to do” regarding January transfers, but insisted that the negotiations will remain secret.

The Reds have already joined their ranks before the January transfer window opens: Kodi Gakpo arrived from PSV Eindhoven for an initial 37 million pounds.

Reports about the transfer of Gakpo to Liverpool appeared only after the 3-1 victory over Aston Villa on Boxing Day, and within an hour PSV confirmed their agreement.

Now this is a typical way of working for the club’s recruiting staff: Merseyside journalists receive information only when it is convenient, and most often not before the deal has already been completed.

Klopp hopes to stay that way, with the possibility of new signings in January, as he cited the deal with Gakpo as a prime example.

“I really liked what Pep Linders said: ‘We discuss these things in the boardroom, not in the press room,'” he said on Thursday.

“On top of that, bringing in Cody the way we brought him, for example, is a really good sign again.

“Especially the work of Jules [Ward] was exceptional.

“There were quite a few people involved who knew about it, and nothing came of it, which is very, very useful for all departments.

“I think this has worked for us quite often, and so you really don’t expect me to answer your question.”

It is widely believed that Liverpool will invite another midfielder in the middle of the season if a suitable candidate appears, although Jude Bellingham is expected to leave Dortmund before the summer.

And Klopp was asked if the £44 million allocated to the Gakpo deal would affect the funds for any further receipts in any of the next two transfer windows.

“This is part of the discussions that we have in the meeting room, not in the press center,” he smiled.

“But I would say that, in principle, this is the case for all people in the world: the money you spend affects the money you can spend.

“It’s not that it has increased, but it has nothing to do with each other.

“We know what we want to do, and we’ll see if we can do it.

“Of course, it’s about money, but it’s always been about the right players.”

Returning to the Gakpo, Klopp argued that the policy of attracting players who have not yet reached their peak or are not yet considered among the best in the world was correct.

“We are very, very happy that we were able to get Cody,” he continued.

“I’ve heard a couple, not a lot, but there are a few discussions here and there, and I understand that we need to talk about it.

“He is a young player with great potential.

“If he was already in a different position, scoring 40 goals, and not in Holland, but in Spain or somewhere else, [he would be] out of reach.

“In such things, it’s all about timing, getting these guys at the right moment when they haven’t scored 55 goals in a season yet.

“That’s why we were really convinced that he was always taking the next step, and that’s what makes him so interesting.

“Obviously we believe in our process when players come here, especially strikers.

“They all took a step forward thanks to how we work and how we can help them. That makes it extremely interesting.”


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