Jurgen Klopp hopes Darwin Nunes is “really good”, ignores comparisons with Haaland


Jurgen Klopp blamed Darwin Nunez’s slow start on a team-wide problem and hopes that his striker, who is now scoring, ignores comparisons with Erling Holand.

Since these are two major contracts with a very similar profile for the country’s two leading rivals, comparisons between Nunez and Haaland were inevitable.

Therefore, when the Uruguayan scored in the Community Shield back in July, and the Norwegian stuttered, it was regarded as first blood for Liverpool, but since then the situation has changed.

Holand has scored 20 goals in 13 games for Manchester City, while Nunez has only recently regained form, scoring in consecutive matches, bringing his score to four out of 10.

The narrative is useless for a player who was clearly relieved to end a mini-drought with goals against Arsenal and Rangers, and Klopp believes the necessary luck will come with consistency.

“Let me put it this way, I think Darwin Nunez would have scored a couple more goals if he had played in the Man City centre this season as well,” the Liverpool manager said.

“He would be a really good striker for them, finishing situations.

“We have to improve our game so that he gets into situations more often and the like.

“I don’t know, I hope he doesn’t participate in this process, where he compares himself to Erling Haaland. But I think he’s really making strides here.

“You could really see it on his face and everything, that goal was really important to him.

“It seems like all goals are important, but it looks like someone closed them for you; you can do whatever you want, but the goalkeeper strikes with his hand or foot.

“Everyone says, ‘Yes, you have to finish differently,’ but as I said, with Bobby’s goal and Joey’s pass, Bobby could have scored in every corner, but he didn’t, he just hit the ball and it went past. legs.

“That’s what a striker does sometimes, too. If [luck] runs, then the ball goes through his legs; if it doesn’t work, you hit the goalkeeper’s leg and the ball goes away.

“The first chance for Mo, a good chip from Thiago from behind, and Mo doesn’t hit the ball properly. If he hits a little better, the ball is already rolling into the goal.

“So we need these moments, keep it up. And don’t compare.

“I hope he doesn’t do it and doesn’t think about it. I don’t see that.

“We are in our situation and we want to sort out our situation. That’s all we’re worried about, to be honest.”


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