Jurassic World Evolution: Full Version of Nintendo Switch


On November 3 we will be able to enjoy on Nintendo Switch the complete edition of Jurassic World Evolution, the title of Frontier Developments.

Those who fell in love with Spielberg’s dinosaurs in 93 probably dreamed on occasion or other what it would be like to run their own Jurassic park full of exciting prehistoric creatures. Frontier Developments fulfilled that dream in 2018 with the arrival of Jurassic World Evolution, a title for PC and PS4 and Xbox One consoles that combined strategy with management to offer us the opportunity (and the challenge) to manage our own park, to our taste. Already in the middle of 2020, after many updates and content additions, the work will land on Nintendo Switch on November 3 with a complete edition.

We explain everything about it below, after having seen live gameplay to see how the dinosaurs have adapted and their considerable technical and graphic quality to the small screen of the Nintendo hybrid. In addition, we offer you an interview, also exclusive, to the director of the game: Rich Newbold, who explains to us the major challenge that this adaptation represented for the team, as well as other interesting details about it.

All Jurassic World Evolution content in a single (virtual) cartridge

As the name suggests, this is a complete edition, so we can expect to find all the content that has been released to date for Jurassic World Evolution. This includes both the main game and its major content expansions as well as the dinosaur packs that became available as DLC. To make it clear and orderly, this is what we can find when we start the game on Switch from next November 3:

  • Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition (base game)
  • Return to Jurassic Park (Expansion)
  • Claire’s Shrine (Expansion)
  • The Secrets of Dr. Wu (Expansion)
  • 4 Dinosaur Packs: Carnivores, Herbivores, Cretaceous and “Raptor Squad Skin Collection” (DLC)

On the other hand, alternative game modes such as Sandbox, which allows us to have total freedom to create the island of our dreams without any type of restriction or challenge, and the Challenge, which is the opposite since it will put us to the test to reach a certain number of stars in the shortest possible time, among other options.


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