Jurassic World, Dinosaurs are coming to Minecraft


The famous cinematic saga lands in the Mojang game through a new DLC that is now available on PC, consoles and mobile phones.

The mythical Jurassic Park film saga and its current Jurassic World series comes to Minecraft in style through a new DLC; Thus, this new downloadable content is already available in the main versions of the Mojang game, that is, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices, in exchange for 1,340 Minecoins, or what is the same, about 8 euros.

More than 60 dinosaurs and 12 characters

Thus, the new Jurassic World DLC for Minecraft offers players the ability to manage their own Jurassic Park, from completing missions and commissions to exploring the island and taking care of prehistoric creatures, as well as expanding the facilities and much more, just like we can see in the new trailer that heads this news.

And it is that despite the fact that this new content is called Jurassic World, the DLC includes content from both the original trilogy and the current one, which includes all its main characters, up to a total of 21 appearances based on the iconic protagonists of all films. To all this we must add more than 60 species of dinosaurs, all under the squared and pixelated appearance of Minecraft.

From the dangerous carnivores to the more sedate and colossal herbivores, including the hybrids of the latest movies; a pixelated tribute that fans of the original work will appreciate. And is that one of the main attractions of the game is the possibility of fulfilling missions similar to those of the movies, either collaborating with NPCs or with other players thanks to its multiplayer component, also present in said DLC.

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And as they point out from Mojang, in addition to creating and training dinosaurs, building attractions and solving setbacks, we will also have the opportunity to discover dinosaur DNA in expeditions on foot and in vehicles. Minecraft: Jurassic World is now available in Minecraft.


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