Jurassic World 3: New Photo Reveals Unusual Filming


The leak of a new image reveals a new unprecedented filming location for Jurassic World 3.

The year 2021 will be one of the great changes for the franchise! Indeed, Jurassic World 3 directed by Colin Trevorrow has already been described as the darkest and most terrifying part of the saga. But that’s not all! The recent resumption of the shooting of the album has leaked a new image of the most interesting. And for good reason, the amazing shot reveals the existence of a rather unusual filming location. The photo was taken from above and unveiled by the English tabloid The Sun suggests a plane crash in a cold and polar landscape. A decor is totally opposite to what the franchise has accustomed us to today.

It is clear that the presence of an arctic environment represents a huge twist for the new trilogy. And for good reason, this is the first time that the latter has ventured to leave the humid jungle for new horizons. And even if the latest Fallen Kingdom film had previously moved from the park and the familiar jungle to the Lockwood mansion, there was never any question of completely changing the environment. For the moment, it is not known exactly why and how the dinosaurs headed for the polar circle, but it is very certain that the migration of the latter, now free, is not at the heart of the future plot of the film with Chris Pratt. Also, discover this error that Jurassic World Dominion should absolutely avoid.

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