Jurassic Justice League’s Worst Nightmare Has Finally Hatched


Warning! Contains previews for Jurassic League #4

A new preview of the prehistoric DC series “Justice League” hints at the imminent appearance of a version of Darkseid in the form of a dinosaur. The action takes place in an alternate universe where dinosaurs and humans coexist. All superheroes are giant lizards that exist as wild copies of classic DC heroes that fans know and love. However, the same applies to several villains, including one of the most powerful opponents of the District of Columbia, who will soon hatch from his Dark Embryo in the next issue of Jurassic League.

As seen in previous issues of Jurassic League by Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, the dinosaur version of Trinity from DC first came together to fight the prehistoric Bizarro and Giganta. Known as Batsaurus, Supersaurus, and Vanderdon, the hero dinosaurs began to reveal a dark plan carried out by Jokerzard and more ferocious villains gathering people to serve the Dark Embryo. Similarly, Flashraptor, Green Torch and Aquanyx have teamed up as a trio to protect people.

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Although both sets of heroes still need to meet to form a full-fledged Dinosaur Justice League, a new preview for Jurassic League #4 confirms that they will probably make it before the Dark Embryo hatches, creating the biggest threat of all dinosaurs. ever had to face. Having consumed all the people brought to him by the Legion of Doomsday, Darkseid inside even devours Blackmantasuar as he prepares to escape from the most sinister egg of all time. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming release:

JURASSIC LEAGUE #4. The trio of Batsaurus, Vanderdon and Supersaurus welcomes several new monsters in the form of Aquanix, Flashraptor and Green Torch! But will even a fully equipped Jurassic League be able to stand up against Darkseid and his army of corrupted carnivores?

While the synopsis confirms that the Jurassic League will finally come together, it also teases that the dinosaur version of Darkseid will indeed hatch, having received all the energy needed to enslave the wild world. While the Jurassic League has been able to destroy every villain that has been thrown at them so far, the Darkseid dinosaur will undoubtedly be on a different level. He can be even more dangerous and aggressive, like a predatory dinosaur in this new series.

Either way, the new DC Jurassic League series should prove to be a wild ride to the finish line now that the miniseries has reached its last half of the challenges. The battle between classic DC heroes and their greatest villain is always exciting, although the prehistoric twist makes it even better as an epically ridiculous cherry on the cake. We hope that the Justice League dinosaurs have everything they need to defeat this wild Darkseid when the full version is released on August 9. Jurassic League #4.


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