Jupiter and Saturn will look like double planets


According to space specialists, this event will take place on December 21, it can be observed anywhere on Earth.

Researchers have pointed out that after sunset on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together in the night sky than they have been since the Middle Ages, appearing to be a double planet, they mentioned that they have never seen for many years.

Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan mentioned that alignments between these two planets are quite rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare due to how close the planets will be seen to each other. He explained that this was viewed just before sunrise on March 4, 1226 to see a closer alignment between these visible objects in the night sky.

Jupiter and Saturn closer than ever

Experts note that Jupiter and Saturn have been closing in on Earth’s sky since summer. From December 16 to December 25, the two will be separated by less than the diameter of a full moon. They also indicated that on December 21, they will be seen as a double planet, separated only by a fifth of the diameter of the full moon.

Although the best observation conditions will be near the equator, the event can be observed anywhere on Earth, weather permitting. Hartigan said the planetary duo will appear low in the western sky for about an hour after sunset each night.

They mentioned that the further north a viewer is, the less time they will have to glimpse the conjunction before the planets sink below the horizon. Fortunately, the planets will be bright enough to be seen at twilight. By the time the skies are completely dark in Houston, for example, the conjunction will be only 9 degrees above the horizon.

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