Jungle Cruise: Learn How To Watch The Movie on Disney+


Jungle Cruise, a film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, has been causing great anticipation in audiences and made its theater and Disney+ debut today (30). However, with the coronavirus pandemic, it is common for many people to prefer to stay at home in safety. But what to do to watch Jungle Cruise without taking risks? Disney+ helps you!

The streaming platform has taken movie premieres directly to its catalog and allowing audiences the opportunity to experience the magical experience of the big screen without having to leave their home. So we made a guide on how to watch the movie with The Rock!

How to watch Jungle Cruise on Disney+?

The first step, of course, is to have an account on the platform to access the content. The user can choose between two subscription options: the first is the monthly plan, with a monthly fee of R$27.9, and the annual plan, which charges R$279.90 if paid in cash.

However, an even more viable option is to subscribe to two services at once and pay for the combo to have access to a huge collection of productions. With that in mind, Disney+ joined Globoplay and the public was offered a deal: R$ 43.90 per month or R$ 358.80 per year to have access to two of the largest streaming services in Brazil at once!

With the subscription made, regardless of the chosen plan, access to the catalog is free, but the movie with The Rock, being a release, can only be watched by paying an additional fee. Unpublished productions that are still in the cinema are released through Premier Access, an exclusive service that aims to reproduce the experience of the big screen right at home through features such as 4K quality and Dolby Audio sound.

So if you’re wondering how to watch Jungle Cruise, just pay the additional R$69.90 to have unlimited access to the movie, as long as your Dinsey+ account remains active. Enjoy watching as many times as you like!

About Jungle Cruise Movie

If you haven’t already, the film tells the story of three characters – Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall – as they set off on a boat adventure in search of a mysterious tree that could change the future of medicine. However, along the way, several dangers and supernatural forces manifest themselves and make the trip a great danger.

For those who like Pirates of the Caribbean, this can be a great recommendation!


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