Jungle Camp 2023: Are the influencers out of place there?


The jungle camp expert said! It all starts again in January 2023: TV stars and internet starlets return to the Australian bush to capture the popular crown. The candidates have not yet been officially approved, but there are already wild assumptions about who might be there. Old TV presenters such as Jamila Rowe (55 years old) are discussed or influencers like Twenty4tim (22 years old). But do web stars match the correct format?

Who could judge this better than former candidate and celebrity expert Julian F.M. Stokel (35). At the Bunte New Faces Awards ceremony, he told Promiflash about the upcoming season and stressed: he needs to be entertained, but are network celebrities capable of it? “Influential people can cut and reshoot their videos 150 times until they like them, but on television you have to do it the second you’re asked,” Julian explained honestly. According to him, it is difficult to send web stars to television.

The candidates for show dates did not get along with him either: “Today, everyone who has ever been to Love Island believes that they are already artists. , intelligence and a certain culture,” Julian said in a further conversation with Promiflash. In fact, there should be some stars of the dome format, including Yeliz Koch (28) or Luigi Birofio, aka Gigi.


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