Jungkook’s so-called personal Twitter account revealed


The ARMY couldn’t contain the excitement after finding what could be Jungkook’s personal Twitter account, something really unusual for BTS.

Jungkook has become one of the most influential members of BTS in recent weeks, because during the interviews they have offered to different media, the maknae has driven the ARMY crazy with his statements.

Although BTS is a unit, this time we will focus on Jungkook, as what could be his personal Twitter account has been revealed, which undoubtedly caused a great impact on social networks and thousands of ARMY members have followed him.

Thanks to some fans it was that the existence of this account was revealed, and although it has not been officially confirmed that it is Jungkook, everything indicates that this would be his account before he became a world-class star.

Jungkook’s Twitter account revealed

In the last hours the ARMY has gone crazy after finding what seems to be Jungkook’s personal account, the same one he used before becoming an idol with BTS, and which has begun to grow impressively.

According to what we found out in Somagnews, Jungkook was a recurring Twitter user with the account @vwo_owv, which was only active in the month of March 2013, with a large number of tweets related to BTS.

Although all Bangtan boys use the official BTS Twitter account, without a doubt everything seems to point that this is Jungkook’s legitimate account, which he could visit from time to time when he wants to know what his friends do outside of BTS.

Jungkook grows in followers rapidly

During the first hours after its discovery, Jungkook’s Twitter account had about 13,000 followers, and as of press time, it has more than 122,000 followers, a number that could increase further thanks to the ARMY.

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So far Jungkook has not made any statement about whether or not it is his personal Twitter account, but if confirmed, it could become one of the most followed on the social network.


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