Jungkook’s outfits that melted ARMY’s hearts


Jungkook becomes a fashion icon with his unique style, he modeled incredible outfits during “Map of the soul ON: E”

This weekend, BTS presented their new concert series based on their album “Map of the soul 7”, in addition to several of their promotional hits such as “IDOL.” BigHit’s K-pop group met once again with ARMY Jungkook was one of those who turned heads during the show, as the idol wore different looks that made him look very attractive.

In addition to the vocal talent and great choreography, the idols also complement their performances with fashionable outfits, Jungkook is no exception, the Golden Makane paraded with different types of clothes, they even made a change of look for the Bangtan online concert . Jungkook wore outfits and styles for each of the performances.

Who was in charge of his wardrobe was the designer Baandaal, a fashion guru who has already worked with BTS and has created exclusive and tailored outfits, such as a harness for the Fake Love MV. The clothing creator worked with the boys and they wore some studded leather gloves, belts with small rhinestones, as well as embroidered jackets and gold bands.

Jungkook wore different jackets, tops, and hairstyles that ARMY fell in love with. Jungkook also wowed the audience at BTS’s online concert with his great vocal talents.



Jungkook showed his badboy side with a black outfit that made all the fans collapse. The idol modeled a black suit, apparently made of leather, which highlighted his features and rebellious style. The dark jacket was adorned with studs and was the touch to him look. The blouse had some embroidery made of lace.


For their online concert, BTS decided to make a look change and Jungkook, Suga and Jimin decided to undercut, a hair style that consists of leaving the top part long and shaving at the sides. The idol’s style appeared during some of the choreographies, highlighting his rebellious image.

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Black swan

This performance was one of ARMY’s favorites, not only because of the choreography and lyrics, but because Jungkoook modeled a delicate and elegant outfit. The idol wore a black suit, the jacket had some embroidery and accessories, but what stood out the most was the transparent lace blouse, which gave it an aesthetic touch.


Another of the outfits with olos that Jungkook dazzled at the concert was his wardrobe consisting of a bright gray jacket, which combined the colors of silver and black, in addition, she used a blouse with a neckline on his chest and several buttons as decorations.


For the presentation of BTS, the boys recorded some intros, Jungkook modeled a very youthful outfit, in which his old green highlights stood out for “ON”, in addition, he wore a white suit that highlighted the tone of his skin and underneath a transparent blouse silk, not forgetting his ear piercings.


BTS’s online concert began with a mysterious aura, Jungkook gave the perfect touch to his dark side by wearing a tunic that covered him completely, the garment was adorned with gold chains and in reddish tones.


At the end of the concert, Jungkook’s outfit was more youthful and comfortable, the idol decided to wear an ON: E sweatshirt, part of the official merchandise they sold. She looked small and adorable, she wore jeans and tennis shoes.

Red Outfit

But Jungkook’s star outfit was his red suit, one with which he presented his solo “My Time”. The idol stole the glances of ARMY with an elegant suit in red and black tones. He also sported a hairstyle that highlighted his undercut. The blouse was animal print, revealing his abs and part of his chest. His look was ARMY’s favorite.


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