Jungkook’s new look drives his fans crazy How handsome!


With an incredible hairstyle, BTS’s Jungkook wowed his fans in the new video shared on BANGTANTV.

The tender Jungkook surprised with a ponytail since during this quarantine, his hair has grown considerably and in this video of the Dynamite Stage CAM choreography “Bangtan boy”, he stole the show.

It should be noted that Jungkook in this choreography looks too much because from the first seconds of the song, he is the main focus of the choreography and even the official video where he comes out completely alone in the first seconds.

Jungkook shows off dancing

Also, Jungkook’s outfit is EPIC! since even if they combine all the outfits, his has some yellow touches on top of his shoes and in his black raincoat that make him unique and stand out from the other members.

As always, they all look amazing and recreate Dynamite’s choreography to perfection, as they usually do, but if anyone stands out in the comments of the Youtube video, it is Jungkook and also V.

NEW look from Jungkook in this VIDEO

Comments on Youtube about Jungkook:

“I’m going to go crazy with Jungkook’s hair tied up”

“He is as young and handsome as an angel on earth … I love you Jungkook”

“Wow. Jungkook with his hair up”

“Whoever put Jungkook in that outfit deserves a bow.”

“Jungkook always looks amazing on stage”

The success of Dynamite

This is BTS’s first single entirely in English and it has propelled them to set more records and many fans around the world. The members of the K-pop group wanted to send a message of joy to ARMY with this colorful single.

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