Jungkook’s ex-girlfriend says they will get married soon in this letter


Jungkook’s ex-girlfriend says they will get married soon in this letter. Although some point out that this is an old letter, the origin of the letter addressed to Jungkook is uncertain.

Some BTS fans released a letter that was allegedly written by Seowon, a former girlfriend of Jungkook’s.

Nor has quarantine prevented ARMY’s heart from having strong emotions in the past few days, and today was no exception.

Twitter searches unveiled the revelation that some social network users had just experienced after a letter to the idol was released that was allegedly written by his ex-girlfriend a few years ago and posted on the BTS fancafe .

It is not certain what the real origin of this writing is, but it has already been replicated by different accounts to share the story.

The letter of Sewon to Jungkook reads as follows:

I’m Sewon . I just wanted to say hi to my Seagully for getting so talented inside Big Hit. I bet you’re very famous now and I’m glad for that. You’ve become very manly since we finished, I hadn’t noticed.

Do you remember our last meeting? For me it is something important. I even keep the ring you gave me because you said you would marry me after your contract ended. But I wonder what happened. You haven’t even greeted me for the past two months, it was my birthday, right? But it’s okay. I hope you still remember the promise you made to me Seagully, I love you.

Yesterday, you gave me one last kiss but you left after that. You just said ‘Take care of yourself Aishi’ before you left, I didn’t even ask or speak to you. What was that? I want us to meet, but why do I feel that something is wrong? Why do you keep doing some things without explaining them? I’m confused, Seagully. Very confused. Once you read this, please find me at the bowling alley where we used to play.

Despite having caused confusion among fans because of all the comments surrounding this letter, BTS fans expressed that, if true, this text gave them a tender image of Jungkook being in love.

It is still unknown if this is a fake letter or if Jungkook really promised his ex to marry her . What do you think?

The boys of BTS have made it clear that currently their time is not even enough to think about romance, as they are completely dedicated to their music and their fans.


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