Jungkook’s Diary , His Pre-Debut Adventures In Los Angeles


Jungkook ‘golden maknae’ traveled at a very young age to the United States and shared his experiences with his fans.

Before BTS debuted, they had a blog where each of the members narrated each of their days, feat, adventures and stories within a public blog, on May 21, 2013, the company decided to close it, in turn, They announced the creation and launch of their website on May 27.

In many of the entries of the blog members BTS they used this item to share with fans to keep them a little closer and you might feel a little in their shoes.

Interestingly, Jungkook made several pre-debut entries during his stay in Los Angeles, California , who was enrolled in the ‘Movement Life Style’ dance academy, talked about his experience in that city unknown to the Jungkook of then 14 years.

Jungkook embarked on an adventure despite his young age, with maturity he took this challenge, shared the flight, arriving, meeting new people, food and conflict with the language.

The first thing he did was to narrate his flight, he said it was the first time he flew by plane such a long distance, he commented that he loved the view, since he asked to stop the car where he was going to take some photos .

I also explain how was your first day of classes at the Academy of Dance :

I remember receiving 2 to 3 dance classes, I had imagined that the classes were going to be more difficult, but it was from the second lesson that it gave me a mental breakdown, I couldn’t understand what they were saying

I conclude that story by saying that: ‘the classes are of a completely different level’.

Another theme that Jungkook touched on is food, he missed Korean food so much that during his time in the United States he looked for a place to eat traditional food, was near his bedroom and made friends with the restaurant owners, who were Korean.

Things as everyday and different from country to country as going to the laundry, the ‘golden maknae’ put:

Today they gave me many dance classes, that’s why I constantly changed my clothes, I had to go to the laundry 1 to 2 times a week.

A Jungkook interested in telling you how it was that was experiencing his life as an apprentice dance in the United States, but also everything he did in his spare time, like going to art galleries, practices skateboarding.


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