Jungkook’s best moments with long hair


Jungkook’s best moments with long hair. Relive the best moments of Jungkook long hair. BTS’s Jungkook has gifted his fans great moments with long hair.

Undoubtedly, idols constantly change their look due to the comebacks and releases they make, from the color, the length, the so-called mullet and the use of pupils. They also usually clear their forehead with the various hairstyles, making fans fall in love with one more. But something that draws a lot of attention is his long hair.

Some of them have it tied in the middle with the so-called ponytail. If you want to relive the best moments of Jungkook long hair , we leave you a list with videos and photos of one of his best looks.

Fake love

Fake Love is a dark and mesmerizing song, with long hair, Jungkook looks much more handsome when performing this performance.


How adorable Jungkook looks when he can tie his hair in different ways because of the great length he had before.


Another fan favorite thing to do is watch idols’ workout routines and what better when Jungkook has long hair.

Fashion airport

Idols set fashion when they parade through the airport, Jungkook fell in love with ARMY with his long, natural hair.

Don’t cut it!

Without a doubt, the performances of BTS with Jungkook and long hair have been the best, that’s why many times ARMY hopes that it will not be cut and last with him for a long time, also so that he can make the famous ponytail.


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