Jungkook’s Best Hairstyles That Made ARMY Fall In Love


Jungkook’s hairstyles usually show us various facets of this idol, but there are some hairstyles that the maknae carried in an incredible way thanks to his long hair.

In the K-Pop industry, idols often experiment with their image to better suit the concepts they will present at each comeback. BTS’s maknae looks are some of our favorites, but Jungkook doesn’t need it to be a special occasion to try out new styles.

This boy has a great facility to wear new looks and captivate his fans. Some of them are very stylized, others have a rebellious aspect and some more lead us to know an adorable side of the singer.

Jungkook recently took to social media to share a selfie and made a huge impression on his fans due to the adorable hairstyle he was wearing, but this is not the first time that has happened.

Jungkook hairstyle became a topic of interest for ARMY thanks to the multiple hairstyles that the Big Hit Entertainment idol sports amazingly, but among all the looks he has shown, there are a few that became memorable for the fandom.

Read on and recall some of the moments when the singer’s hair wowed fans of Bangtan Sonyeondan.


Long hair

When this idol let his hair grow, fans did not stop complimenting his attractiveness, but the most surprising thing was that his hair kept growing and he looked more and more beautiful.


Half ponytail

Jungkook wore a rebellious and stylized look during some BTS Week performances on Jimmy Fallon’s show, surely you remember the iconic historical-themed performance where the idol tied up part of his hair leaving a few strands out. This was not the first time she showed us such a hairstyle, but we have to admit that the wardrobe and the atmosphere added points to this look.

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Hairstyle up

When the idol is getting ready to go on stage or just wants to push his hair away from his face, he sometimes wears a little bun in the front that makes him look adorable. Although it is not a style that you have presented at an event, it is impossible to forget it.


During Bon Voyage, Jungkook showed off some extremely cute looks. One that is hard to forget are the two little ponytails he used. The idol was trying to fix his hair and began to do some hairstyles, one of them dividing his hair in half and tying a strand on each side.

Plant hairstyle

Surely you remember that popular hairstyle that became popular on the networks where a set of images was placed in which the upper images showed a strand tied to the font style, this look is identified by placing an emoji with two leaves because it looks like the stem of a fruit after being cut from the tree, but Jungkook did not hesitate to wear that look.



There are some idols who usually wear bandanas as part of their look, Jungkook doesn’t do it that often, but he looks amazing in it. That is why this hairstyle could not be left off the list.

Mini clamp

The latest idol photo that inspired us to remember all the Jungkook hairstyles that live in our hearts. The singer posted a selfie where a miniature-sized hair clip stops the front of his melana, although he probably used this accessory to style his hairstyle, BTS fans did not hesitate to point out how cute he looks.


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