Jungkook, you will be surprised when you meet face to face


Can you imagine meeting BTS’s Jungkook in person? Someone has already done it and thus recounted her experience with the idol.

BTS fans wish to meet the members of the group, but only a few have succeeded. Meeting the most popular idols of the moment is the dream that lives in the minds and hearts of many fans, however, since there are few who live such an opportunity, knowing that their experience always arouses the curiosity of others.

But can you imagine that one of your acquaintances is the one who meets a BTS member in your place? That’s what happened to a fan who received an autograph from Jungkook through his brother, we tell you how it happened.


Like other people, BTS members often request services for their respective addresses, Jungkook for example wanted to install a soundproof booth at home, probably to facilitate the creative process of some melodies. But the worker who made this installation turned out to be the brother of an ARMY.

This happened a long time ago, but the worker pointed out the good gestures Jungkook had with him. According to his account, Jungkook was not only very kind, but also ordered food for him to eat while he worked. That beautiful!


BTS teaches you korean

Some time ago, as part of their K-pop offering stemming from their popularity, the idol group released “Learn Korean with BTS,” a series of episodes that aired through Weverse and contained videos of the boys and their reality show. show, to teach you the basics of the language.

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This project has been modified and now, in addition to videos, you can also buy books that will help you with the Korean language; The first teaser has already been revealed and it is an adorable animation that represents any ARMY.

In the video that was posted on the official BigHit Education Twitter account, an animated clip is shown where a girl is in his room when a BTS broadcast begins; however, He cannot understand anything they say.

The teaser is accompanied by the message “I don’t know what you’re saying, but I can only send you hearts”, does that sound familiar? When guys post a video on VLive, a post on Weverse and Twitter, or at concerts we don’t understand anything, but they have the solution.

“Learn Korean with BTS” will release a book collection on August 24, more details about it have not been revealed yet, but ARMY is excited to get to know the language with a new method: reading. Would you learn Korean so that you could one day speak to one of the BTS guys?


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