Jungkook: Wow! But how flexible is BTS’s ‘Golden Maknae’


In one more episode of RUN BTS we got to see Jungkook’s amazing agility and flexibility, Wow and super Wow!

One of the men considered beautiful in the K-Pop world is undoubtedly Jungkook, this artist is a member of BTS, he is not only a beautiful face but a great singer.

As we mentioned in the title of the note, Jungkook has surprised ARMY with his great flexibility and is that his abilities are not only reflected on stage but even being outside of it, since the member of the Bangtan Boys revealed another of his talents.

Pausing, if you want to know more curiosities about this artist, click on the link to find out about the most important data of Jungkook and become a fan. For now we will talk to you about him flexible and beautiful body.

Jungkook the multifaceted young rapper from BTS

The minor member of Beyond The Scene (BTS) is not for nothing considered super talented, singing, dancing, composing and rap, also the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment is very good at sports and other disciplines.

‘Golden Maknae’ has reached fame at a very young age and this has led him to live great adventures in the company of Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM, who are like his family.

On this occasion, the rappers and singers returned to the classroom and lived an adventure as students of a school, the epic moments were not lacking, like when ARMY was left with their mouths open when they saw Jungkook’s flexibility.

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One of the challenges in the last episode of RUN BTS! The boys had to pass under the limbo, a yellow structure placed for this activity and the K-pop idol demonstrated his flexibility and physical prowess.

Although we highlight, all the members of BTS have an enviable physical condition, as they undergo hours of training in the gym and complement their efforts with dance routines that are strenuous.

But in the RUN BTS challenge he showed that Jungkook is an extremely flexible person, because he is able to reach the ground by flexing his body backwards. Seeing this, ARMY couldn’t help but get excited, as Jungkook’s abilities increasingly impress her fandom.


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