Jungkook could be working on his mixtape and a new collaboration


Jungkook could be working on his mixtape and a new collaboration. ARMY has been waiting for his mixtape and it seems like Jungkook is planning something.

After finishing with the promotions of “Map of the soul: 7”, BTS’s next plans are rehearsals and preparations to start their 2020 tour, which will begin in late April in the United States.

Meanwhile, the guys have been quarantined, broadcast on VLive, and interacted with ARMY via Weverse as well, but it looks like Jungkook has been busy and there may be news about your mixtape soon.

Through his Instagram account, the Canadian DJ Swivel held a question and answer session, but the surprise was when a fan questioned him about a new job with Jungkook. The musician worked with him on the song “Euphoria”, so there may be a possibility that they will collaborate again .


The DJ said he would be delighted to work with the idol , he even admitted that Kookie is in the middle of something. OMG Will he finally release his mixtape ? Apparently, in this quarantine Jungkook focused on writing new songs and working with new music tracks.

About the collaboration, the DJ said that perhaps Jungkook will send him something, although he clarified that he does not know anything about his plans, because he does not have exclusive information, but he knows that he is focused on some project.

ARMY can’t wait for Junkook’s mixtape to finally be released this year . What do you think?


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