Jungkook will have its own festival and you can see it online


BTS’s Jungkook will have a music event dedicated only to him, learn more about this project here. The boys of BTS have just revealed ‘Dynamite’ their first song in the English language, the track is inspired by retro styles, the singers and rapper looked very funny, the release of the single was a success, positioning itself in the best places in international music charts.

Jungkook is about to turn another year of life, the singer of the Bangtan Boys was born on September 1, 1997 in the town of Mandeok Dong, in the city of Busan in South Korea, ARMY from all over the world are preparing to celebrate your special day with different activities and projects to show your love and support.

Every year, the followers of the idol’s career outdo themselves and develop incredible and very creative ideas to commemorate his birth, since they feel very inspired by him, his fans seek to throw him a great party for his birthday.

A Chinese fanbase is preparing everything for the event ‘Jungkook Festival’, a dynamic that seeks to celebrate the talents of the idol company Big Hit Entertainment, the gift of the ‘Golden Maknae’ will be produced by the staff who have participated in several tours. by BTS.

The festival will be divided into 5 phases and there are plans for it to be broadcast online so that the international fandom can also see the show designed especially for Jungkook on his birthday.

ARMY of China will combine a fireworks show with laser technology, in addition, the show will be enlivened with artificial snow and other surprises that promise to thrill the spectators. Woooo this will be a massive performance.

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Other projects for the birthday of the interpreter of ‘My Time’ is the rent of urban spaces in different cities of the world to color his image, posters and advertising posters in public transport. What activity will you participate in for JK’s birthday?


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