Jungkook will have his own train to celebrate his birthday


Jungkook will have his own personalized transportation to celebrate his birthday. BTS’s maknae is less than 48 hours away from September 1 in South Korea, the date of him 23rd birthday, (24 in Korean age). ARMY’s support has not been long in coming and they will celebrate the K-pop idol in a big way, one of the projects never seen before will be part of their gifts.


Through social media, Jungkook’s Chinese fanbase showed their support for the Bangtan member. The project for the Golden Maknae will be large-scale and will be seen by all travelers in the city of Seoul: it will have a personalized express train with birthday messages and will measure around 400 meters. Que?????????

Located at Osong Station, this train travels the route from Seoul to Busan and its exterior is decorated with Jungkook’s image along with the phrase “Happy Birthday”, even knetizens were surprised by the support that the idol of BigHit, because although the projects are a tradition, nobody had done something like this.


Fanbases, especially those in China, have great financial support for K-pop idols, so they can afford these types of gifts. The train is 20 cars long and they are all decorated with Kookie, sometimes it is customary to just wallpaper one car inside, but ARMY wants everyone to receive the splendor of the “Golden Maknae”.

Jungkook’s transport will be available until October 5, travelers are expected to see the gift, although some fans regretted not being able to appreciate it live due to restrictions in South Korea due to the pandemic. The youngest of BTS will celebrate his special day in style.

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But if this surprised you, Chinese fans are also planning to send small planes that fly over the New York sky with a sign for Jungkook, and they would have planned a 3D projection in London. OMAIGAD The idol will have the biggest birthday projects ever for an idol. And you, what are you going to give him? LOL Remember that your support and love is the most important thing to him.


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