Jungkook Will Have A Beautiful Theme Park To Celebrate His Birthday


ARMY is preparing a super special project for Jungkook’s birthday, what do you have for the BTS idol? Jungkook will have a dreamland dedicated and inspired by him for his birthday, his fans are preparing this incredible project so that more fans can go to his theme park.

Birthday Jungkook, on 1 September and celebrated ARMY can not pass this date like any other, the celebration must be properly carried out and fans of BTS prepare the celebrations to give it a day as happy to JK.

And it is that ARMY does not skimp when it comes to congratulating their favorite Bangtan Sonyeondan idols on the most special day of their existence, because the idols’ birthday is one of the most important dates for the fandom and in which they prepare great things not only for them but also for other fans.

A fanbase in China is ready to launch an amazing project on the occasion of Jeon Jungkook’s birthday, what will we see at this Bangtan member’s theme park?


JEON JUNGKOOK BAR is a fanbase of the Golden Maknae which is based in China and to celebrate the birthday of Kookie, plan a park-themed for two days; This park is dedicated and inspired by the BTS idol and will be located in Shanghai, China.

This special Jungkook park will be spread over 500 square meters, it will be a 2-day exhibition with 8 thematic zones; there will be professional flower arrangements throughout Kookie’s UTOPIA, a tea party, multimedia space, and many more inside the park.

So Bangtan Boys fans in China will have a dream place to celebrate JK’s birthday and have a great time alongside other ARMYs who share the same love, admiration, and support for the band and the idol. Wow! Everyone will surely carry their photocards and take amazing photos <3.

In other BTS news, the idols created very cool logos for Louis Vuitton as they were invited for a project by the brand for the 200th anniversary of its creator.


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