Jungkook when he was a student at the Seoul Art School.


This is how Jungkook was during his student days at the Seoul School of the Arts, known as SOPA. Despite having a promising future as a K-pop idol, the BTS member had to fulfill his school years as his career took off. In addition to having great talents and passing the BigHit audition, Jungkook decided to hone his skills in the arts, he was an average student, but also the most popular boy in the place.


In social networks, a fan decided to share an anecdote from Jungkook’s student days, the girl explained that one of his friends had an older sister who attended this school and told the idol’s story. Seoul School of the Arts is a very popular private school and in order to be part of their generation you must audition and show your skills.

Jungkook managed to get in despite having interrupted his studies in 2013 for the official debut of BTS, then known as Bangtan. The girl affirmed that everyone knew who he was and lived one of the most romantic moments of his life with the idol, as he had the opportunity to speak with him and assures that he felt like the protagonist of a webtoon.


The fan explained that his heart raced, since Jungkook was very handsome since then and he also returned the greeting once he looked at his name on the tag of his uniform. After living that exciting moment, he admits that he could not sleep or stop thinking about it, but it changed his life forever, as he decided to join the ranks of the ARMY and be their fan.

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Jungkook was able to steal the hearts of his classmates, but he also excelled in the subjects of Psychology and Chemistry, scoring 90 in the final tests even though they can be difficult subjects. SOPA is a place that stands out for training students in theater, cinema, dance and other areas, other idols have also attended.

BTS also accompanied Golden Maknae during one of his graduations, even performing at his school, increasing Jungkook’s popularity. The idol finished his studies just 3 years ago.


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