Jungkook was recognized for the evolution in his body


Jungkook was among the idols who had a better transformation with their growth. BTS’s golden maknae gained recognition on Korean television after being chosen as one of the best-bodied idols in the K-Pop industry, where it was highlighted that Jungkook had an incredible evolution in his appearance during his passage to adulthood. 

Mnet’s TMI News program highlighted different parts of Jungkook’s body that impress anyone, the toned muscles in his abdomen, arms and even his legs, demonstrate the dedication that the idol has with his exercise routine, so he can wear them in each of their presentations.

Although Jungkook’s body is worth admiring, it goes hand in hand with his extensive qualities for music, the idol recently shared a cover of the song 10,000 hours, gaining much attention on the networks for his performance.


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