Jungkook turns the street into his catwalk


The image of Jungkook walking calmly made ARMY’s heart race because he looks just like a model. In addition to his talent and multiple musical abilities, Jungkook has an attractive image that has captivated BTS fans. But the ease with which this idol looks incredible never ceases to amaze us, since this Kookie is capable of transforming any space into a fashion runway.

While leaving a gray building where BTS had a press conference, BTS’s maknae was caught on his way to a new destination, but even though he seemed to be enjoying a normal day in his everyday life, he was a huge surprise to his fans. due to the impressive vibe it transmits.

Members of the idol group came to this event to talk about the records they have achieved since the release of Dynamite, their most recent song, but for those waiting outside, it was Jungkook’s look that caused the most impact.

Jungkook wore light blue baggy jeans, black combat boots, a Balenciaga t-shirt of the same color, and a plaid shirt that he wore on only one of his arms.

In addition, the Big Hit Entertainment idol was accompanied by a crossed black bag, a long silver necklace and, of course, his mask.

Although Jungkook seems relaxed in the captured images, this idol looks like a model presenting new clothes for a collection, even when all he did was walk to a truck to take a new route.

There is no doubt that the talent and visuality of this young idol make him shine wherever he goes because he remains true to himself and his style.

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