Jungkook transforms into a naughty little devil for a selfie


Ahead of their 2020 MTV VMAs performance, the BTS members shared solo selcas (selfies) and Jungkook stole our hearts.

On Sunday, August 30, the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards were held where the South Korean group took the night by winning the categories where they were nominated.

The Bangtan Boys had been preparing to tear down the roof with their performance at the VMA 2020. This will be the first performance of the South Korean boy group and ARMY was ready their ARMY bombs to cheer them on from their homes.

Obviously RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook had a spectacular show in store for us that left fans wanting to see much more. This was the first time that BTS sang their new English single “Dynamite” live and made the audience fall in love even more.

However, the septet decided to take some solo selcas to promote their performance a few moments before performing on stage.

BTS ‘selfies before VMAS 2020

Taking to BTS’s official Instagram account, the boys got creative and scribbled on their selfies before the photos were shared on the social media platform.

The series began with Namjoon drawing the BTS icon, stars, and hearts among other things in blue, matching his latest hair color.

The Bangtan leader’s selca was followed by the photo of Seokjin, who resorted to minimal scribbling and put his beautiful world face on full display.

Yoongi followed in Moon’s lead singer’s footsteps and kept her doodle simple. He drew whiskers and a black heart on his cheek.

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Hobi also drew hearts on her cheek but her adorable pout caught our attention. The Bangtan member added the caption “Hope World” to his selfie.

Mochi hid half of his face with the palm of his hand while covering his hair under a cap. Although the ChimChim doodle was limited, it filled the fandom with love.

On the other hand, Taehyung and JK took the creative liberty of transforming into a lovable vampire and devil, respectively. TaeTae drew the devil’s fangs in red while drawing a purple heart on his shirt.

Meanwhile, Kookie got to the end by not only drawing Lucifer’s horns but also drawing a tail. To top it off, she added a bow in her hair! Which selca was your favorite?


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