Jungkook: The Song That Welcomes ARMY To The Fandom


Do you remember the first song you heard from Bangtan Sonyeondan? Well, Jungkook has revealed the first song that new ARMY members should listen to for the first time.

ARMY is one of the largest and most member-rich fandoms in the world, the power of BTS’s fans is as much a source on social media as it is outside, demonstrating the public’s love for singers and rappers.

It will always be special the first time you hear from your favorite artist when you saw an MV or simply when you came across his photos online, so it is quite a memorable moment for the fans.

In a recent interview, Jungkook has confessed to the BTS song that he recommends to ARMY that he is entering the fandom because it is such a special topic for him and the rest of his band colleagues, what is it?


The Big Hit Entertainment band has a repertoire full of themes for all tastes, including messages about self-love, fears, sadness, and even dancing, but JK recommends a theme that has marked the history of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

When the interviewer asks Jungkook which song he would recommend to ARMY, he has replied that Dope, not another, not Boy With Luv, not Butter, not Permission To Dance or ON, but why?

The junior member has a powerful reason, as he thinks that 어서 와 방탄 은 처음 이지’s phrase (welcome, first time in BTS ?) Is a kind of greeting or welcome message for new fans.

Dope was released in June 2015, it is one of the most popular songs of the boys, so much so that Internet users have added more than 667,145,611 million views on the YouTube platform.


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