Jungkook thanks ARMY for their endless love shows


BTS spoke with the Indian media for the first time and Jungkook took the opportunity to dedicate a few words of love to the ARMY.

For the first time ever, Jungkook and the other BTS guys spoke to the Indian media in a candid conversation with NDTV. It is worth mentioning that in recent years the band has become the most popular Korean group in India.

While speaking to the news channel, the South Korean boy band spoke about the current pandemic, how they stay inspired and down-to-earth, plus a special message for their Indian ARMY.

When asked how the members are dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and what role music plays in the current scenario, Suga replied, “It is encouraging for us to hear how our music energized people during a difficult period.” .

“I think the way to overcome this situation is to get together more. I believe that more than ever, during this global pandemic, music transcends barriers, nationality and age, “said the BTS rapper.


Jungkook thanks the ARMY for all their support

The band was also asked how they have managed to hold their own after breaking several music charts and winning the love of a worldwide audience, to which Jungkook replied:

“These are some amazing things that we still can’t understand! There may be several factors for us to go this far, maybe it’s our effort or time, but we truly believe that ARMY’s love and support made all of this possible. That is what holds us together ”.

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