Jungkook is tattooing something very special for him


ARMY is in love with its meaning.

BTS has given big surprises to ARMY with its new comeback, but who gave what to talk about was Jungkook , who unwittingly revealed that he has new tattoos.

From the first time, ARMY was interested in each of the drawings of his hands and arms, although initially they thought they could be temporary, the idol has decided to carry on his skin some very significant things, proof of this is his new tattoo .


ARMY discovered that Jungkook carries a very special flower on his right arm. The meaning of his new tattoo touched the heart of the fandom. The idol decided to seal forever the “Tiger Flower” , a species that corresponds to its date of birth.

But the meaning goes further, because it not only indicates the date on which he came into the world, but it is also a message for those around him: “Please love me . ” ARMY is happy that Jungkook can express himself through body art and take with him the things that have the most meaning to him.

Would you get a tattoo in his honor?


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