Jungkook talks about the special connection he has with BTS members


The youngest BTS member opened his heart and talked about how valuable his teammates are to him. Each of the BTS guys represent a great connection and example for Jungkook.

The union of the members of BTS is incredible, every time they interact they reveal the friendly dynamics they have created thanks to the time they have lived together and the obstacles they have gone through together.

Suga, V, RM, Jimin, Jungkook Jin and J-Hope are not only great role models for their fans, among them they admire each other for their multiple talents and abilities, they have grown together on a personal, professional and now consider themselves a family.


In the third episode of the documentary ‘Break The Silence’ Jungkook shared his deep thoughts on the value that BTS members have in their lives, the youngest member of the band commented:

“After living with them for so long, there are things I can say without words. To me it’s like an invisible connection”


Jungkook added that each of the idols that make up BTS makes him feel many emotions that he cannot easily describe, he stated that his group members helped him understand the meaning of family and friendship .

The ‘Begin’ singer recalled the start of his path to becoming an idol:

“I changed my house and came to Seoul when I was still very young. In some moments I feel an immense connection with all of them”


Jungkook concluded by commenting that he and his colleagues are always doing a great job of maintaining balance in their friendly and professional relationship , respecting each other and always supporting each other.

The boys of BTS announced the premiere of the online concert ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’, which aims to unite ARMY more with the members of the group living together in a fun and emotional way.



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