Jungkook talks about the things that scare him the most


BTS’s youngest idol Jungkook has revealed what things he is most afraid of. OMG!

He can sing well, he can dance well, but even BTS’s “Golden Maknae” is scared of some things. Jungkook’s fears, however, are unconventional. Here’s what we know about this artist from the award-winning K-pop group.

Does the ‘Golden Maknae’ fear nothing?

Born in 1997, this singer is the youngest member of BTS. Whether it’s taking the cap off a bottle with your feet or hitting the high notes on “Dynamite,” Jungkook has a way of standing out at everything.


This performer is not afraid of most things, but has shared his biggest fears with fans and his bandmates. They can be unconventional (and have to do with heating food in the kitchen), but that makes fans love it more.

Jungkook is afraid of a kitchen appliance

You may not be afraid of heights or performing on stage for thousands of fans. Unlike Jin, they are not afraid of stingrays. However, since BTS’s debut, Jungkook shared his fear of a kitchen appliance – microwaves. However, it is not totally irrational.

“I don’t know, I’m scared [of microwaves],” Jungkook said, according to a translation of a screenshot. “When I was young, I would not leave my room while heating food in the microwave.”

On more than one occasion, Jungkook elaborated on his fear of this device. Jungkook shared that he is afraid of the microwave exploding, so he tends to stay away from this appliance.

However, Jungkook is not afraid to use other kitchen appliances. For an episode of RUN BTS, Jungkook and V teamed up to cook a meal while receiving instructions from the other members.

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The dish was by no means perfect, but the presentation was quite nice, thanks to some personal touches from these two singers.

What else is Jungkook afraid of?

Microwaves aren’t the only thing that made Jungkook’s fear list. According to Koreaboo, Jungkook is afraid of things that explode, such as fireworks or balloons.

For a video, the BTS members are trying to pop confetti to celebrate, but Jungkook hides his face.

For another video, the singer said, “I’m scared of this kind of thing.” Regardless, Jungkook is fearless when it comes to acting.

Along with the other members of this group, they toured the world and broke records with their music and videos. That includes their recent English release, “Dynamite.” Are you also afraid of microwaves and things that explode? Do you think Kookie ever had a bad experience that made him afraid of these objects?


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