Jungkook takes over the Internet for this reason


Jungkook’s popularity has broken many records on the Internet. BTS’s Jungkook is one of the most sought-after music stars on all social media and digital platforms.

The smallest member of BTS , at his young age is one of the most famous figures in the music industry around the world, the boy band member of Big Hit Entertainment has a very charismatic personality, something that netizens love .

The impact of Jungkook is not only through his music, the idol is one of the stars of the K-pop that most interacts with their fans, their videos and pictures posted on social networks accumulate millions of likes and comments.

Recently it was announced that Jungkook is the most searched celebrity on the Internet , according to Google Trends , an application that is in charge of measuring the interests and tastes of online users through trends , Jungkook is the idol with the most ‘search’ in the first half of 2020.

Jeon Jungkook has appeared in Google Trends 22 consecutive weeks as the most searched topic on the Internet worldwide, this speaks to the fame and interest that the general public has in the singer of ‘ Begin ‘.

On another platform where Jungkook reaffirms his popularity and impact is on YouTube , on the video site ‘ Jungkook ‘ it is one of the topics most wanted by ARMY and by all Internet users who want to enjoy the talent of the interpreter.

In addition to these online records , Jeon Jungkook of BTS is one of the singers most viewed and searched on the platform of video TikTok , where accumulated more than 10 trillion views in different clips.

The power of Jungkook has also been reflected in different digital platforms , such as SoundCloud , where ‘ Still With You’ premiered, which less than an hour after its release managed to accumulate more than a million views.


A few days ago Jungkook appeared in a dating app, is it that he is looking for a girlfriend ?, BTS’s Jungkook profile was found in this romantic app, what was he doing in MEEFF?


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