Jungkook takes over the internet after sharing a new photo


Jungkook surprised fans with an update, but his photography gained popularity on social media thanks to ARMY.

BTS fans are looking forward to the return of the idol group with a new music release, but while that is happening, every day there have been surprises for ARMY. Jungkook appeared on Weverse and his new photo brought great emotion to his followers, who did not take long to post it on all social networks.

Weverse continues to be one of the favorite platforms for all Bangtan Sonyeondan fans, as idols often visit it to leave special messages, greet their followers, tell them about their daily lives, or even post some recommendations.

BTS’s maknae took to the site to post a new update and reconnect with fans, but the positive response made it a success.


The idol greeted his fans and accompanied his post with a selfie that set ARMY’s heart racing, but also left some advice for his fans.

This is a photograph where we see him make the sign of love and peace, Jungkook is wearing a black sweatshirt and holds his long hair away from his face with a small hair clip that will help him style it.

In this post, the singer wrote:

Everyone make sure you eat well!

Very soon this idol was part of multiple publications on other social networks while his fans shared this image and threw compliments for him.


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