Jungkook sings “Fix you” a cappella and news from his mixtape comes out

BTS’s golden maknae delighted his fans with an impromptu version of “Fix you,” a song the group performed for MTV Unplugged.

After a difficult couple of days for the fandom , Jungkook appeared to comfort his fans on VLive. BTS’s maknae did a live broadcast shortly before the special ‘BE-hind Story’ premiered on YouTube .

Jungkook sported his blue hair and a thick black coat. At the beginning of his broadcast, he shared that he continued to exercise and recommended keeping his body active, with a healthy routine.

Then it was time to please the audience and improvise some songs. Someone asked for “My time” , but Jungkook said that this track was demanding and he needed to warm up before singing it.

One of the songs chosen was “Fix you” , a cover that the whole group recorded for their first MTV Unplugged mini-concert . Jungkook sang a verse without musical accompaniment, making his vocal warmth clearly heard.

The vocalist also sang “Who”, a song by Lauv feat BTS, “At my worst” by Pink Sweat $ and ended with his solo “Still with you”, a song he released for the anniversary of BTS in 2020.

VLive with Jungkook : www.vlive.tv/post/1-21543362

Jungkook’s mixtape

Precisely, some news of Jungkook’s mixtape came out shortly after . With the broadcast of the BE-hind story interviews with the BTS members, the maknae revealed how he would like to prepare for his independent project.

It’s still a medium-term issue, but Jungkook has a pretty good idea of ​​what he wants to do.

“I would like my mixtape to be like this: it has three main songs. Each with their MV and choreography. Obviously each song would be different ”, shared the artist when speaking with J-Hope.

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You can see the full BE-hind story in this video:



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