Jungkook shows off his new look change


Jungkook shows off his new look change. Apparently Jungkook prefers to wear long hair, BTS idol has a new look. Jungkook has long hair and his fans reacted in an incredible way.

This morning ARMY woke up with great news, Jin and Jungkook uploaded several photos and selfies to the official BTS Twitter account, which has more than 26.8 million followers, is one of the profiles with the most followers on the platform.

The selfie of the two singers of the Bangtan Boys received all the love of their fans, reaching more than 1 million likes and several comments thanking the update with the images of Jin and Jungkook.

In some selfies shared by the Idols , you can see how Jungkook’s hair grew and looks longer than the last time he interacted with his fans. Is Jungkook preparing something new for ARMY ?

Quickly the mention ‘ Jungkook ‘ was trending on Twitter by the change of look of the interpreter of ‘Still With You’ and the photos he shared with his groupmate, Seok Jin.

Netizens talked about how great Jungkook looks with long hair , about the good chemistry emitted by BTS’s biggest idol and the smallest, as well as Jungkook’s two moles , one on the back of the neck and the other on his arm.

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On many occasions the BTS singer has let his hair grow , driving his fans crazy for his style and great visual, the favorite look of some of his followers is when Jungkook’s hair is long.

Now all you have to do is wait for the Jeon Jungkook to upload a photograph , perform a live with ARMY or have an activity to know how long the hair of the member of the Big Hit Entertainment band is.


A few days ago it was revealed that BTS’s Jungkook was the most searched idol on the Internet, the popularity of the boy from the K-pop group has no borders and is considered the online king.


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