Jungkook shows his tattoos for the first time and surprises ARMY


After a long wait, BTS fans took a closer look at the tattoos that the idol has on his arm

It has been a long time since little clues revealed that Jungkook had tattooed his arm and although the idol has been seen to place different strokes on this part of the body they can hardly ever be seen clearly.

This is because even if the mankae wears short-sleeved garments, the shows he films must be covered by his tattoos, so we usually see a blurred area on his arm where his tattoos are known to be .

The strokes that had been clearly observed correspond to those of the hand, however, in the most recent episode of RUN! BTS, Jungkook appeared in a short-sleeved shirt and his tattoos were shown without any cover.


The images of the maknae’s arm reveal some intersecting written phrases, but what they say cannot be distinguished. The tattoos also include a microphone and a treble clef in honor of his passion for music.

His collection of tattoos also includes a large eye with a red pupil, some people associate this type of strokes with individuals who seek truth, trust and also protection.

On the other hand, it had long been pointed out that Jungkook could have a tiger tattoo, an animal that is distinguished by qualities such as strength, power, vitality and spirit, it is also one of the guardians of the population.

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