Jungkook Shows The Exercise Routine That He Did In His Vacation


While the other members were responsible for traveling, Jungkook took the opportunity to exercise. The ARMY suffered a little when the idols announced that it would take a few months to rest from the stage, but deep down, we knew it would only be temporary.

Without a doubt, now that they are back we have enjoyed watching the videos of how each of the BTS members spent their vacations, knowing new places through their eyes and witnessing the happiness that was reflected in their faces .

Now it was Kookie’s turn, who showed us that her vacation was full of exercise routines, something that many of us expected to see.

The celeb has shown us in a video with a duration of more than 9 minutes, that the issue of taking care of his body takes it very seriously, although at the beginning of the clip, Jungkook wears a plaid shirt and sandals. WHAAAT? Maybe it’s a way he feels comfortable.

His routine includes squats, weights, garters and some massages for his muscles to relax. A very different content from what the rest of his teammates showed us, but in the same way, we can enjoy what Jungkook is when he doesn’t meet the rest of the boy band. Watch the full video below:

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