Jungkook showed RM all his love with a cute surprise


BTS’s friendship is one of the most invaluable and regardless of the occasion, the members of this group show their great affection as Jungkook did with RM and a small action with great meaning.

The members of BTS have been together for more than 8 years, everything they have shared has made their friendship have been shared in more than that and today these idols make up a great family that always shows their great support and affection. .

All the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have strong ties and are very close both on stage and off stage and ARMY has been able to verify the great ties of the Bangtan Boys on many occasions, regardless of the moment, they always show how much they love each other.

Although Jungkook is the spoiled maknae of BTS, he has also shown to love his hyungs a lot and show them how much he values ​​them in his life, with cute interactions by others they show the great friendship and family that they have formed since the greatest member of Bangtan even the youngest.

One day, Jeon Jungkook showed his affection to Namjoon with an action that was worth a thousand words, what did JK do for RM that melted ARMY’s hearts?


BTS’s RM shared a cute story of when Jungkook surprised him with a gift, it was the first time JK gave the group leader something, Namjoon says he called the store where he usually buys clothes and other accessories and asked them to put him aside. something I really wanted to get.

Days later he returned home and saw a bag on his bed, it turns out that Jungkook had bought what RM had set aside days before and left it as a gift, something that moved Nam a lot: ‘).

The day JK surprised RM with his gift | Twitter: @mhereonlyforbts

Awww! Jungkook really surprised Namjoon with this little gift that says more than a thousand words, showing all his love for him.


Since debut, Bangtan Sonyeondan idols have been together and we can always see the cutest interactions between Jungkook and RM, the leader of BTS takes care of each other and with JK there is no exception, ARMY loves seeing them together.

RM and Jungkook Moments That ARMY Treasures | Twitter: @joonskyz

The beautiful friendship of the Bangtan members is reflected in many moments for their fans, there is no doubt that they have great affection and no matter the occasion, they can always show it to them.

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