Kookie is a being that fills us with happiness, joy and many smiles, it is curious to see him being like the child he once was and who enjoys the little things that life offers us. In fact, all BTS members do it.

The idols were enjoying some delicious ice cream on a break they had, but Jungkook was the one who seemed to appreciate the moment in all its splendor, and it has become more than clear that Kookie loves frozen popsicles.

They started enjoying one that looked like a delicious corn, and then was tasting what appears to be a fish-shaped sandwich, while finishing this, Jungkook said his favorite flavors are green tea and mint chocolate. YUMMY!

But undoubtedly, his favorite palette, was the one made of red sweet beans, better known as anko and frequently used in East Asia to make different desserts and to enjoy with our loved ones the delicious flavor that these beans offer us.

Being the latter, the one I enjoy the best, explaining what it was for the incredible tasting moment I was having. In addition, fans are completely aggravated by the fact that BigHit has heard them when adding English subtitles.

What is your favorite flavor?


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