Jungkook shares a selfie to reveal his true personality


Jungkook surprises ARMY with a new selfie, and reveals his true personality. The idol of BigHit met again with ARMY through Weverse, a platform that allows interaction between the K-pop group and their fans through messages and photos that they share, recently, Jungkook decided to return to activity in the app and decided to share the results of the MBTI test he took.

Through Weverse, Jungkook decided to reappear after being away for a while and as a gift to ARMY he decided to share a new selfie. The idol continues to enjoy his free time, as he posed in a comfortable and carefree way on his bed, his publication accompanied it with the message “Hello, I am an artist”.

The Golden Maknae fell in love with all the fans with his new photo, he received messages of support and love after missing him a lot, although his status as a K-pop star is something everyone knows, Jungkook was referring to his true personality, as he decided to do the test MBTI and found out which of the 16 personalities that exist you possess.


The MBTI test reveals what kind of qualities a person has, Kookie shared his results with ARMY and the description of his profile describes him as an artist, someone who has creativity and can transform it into something tangible, because he can capture it with great beauty, no wonder he has a knack for painting and drawing.

On being passionate, we know that his favorite color is red, which shows a true love for what is done and belongs to people who are very energetic, despite being a bit shy, Jungkook is also someone very sensitive. Finally, the idol is also characterized by being an adventurer, someone who visualizes the connection he has with those around him. ARMY and BTS communicate through their music.

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ARMY shared Jungkook’s selfie on social networks with various messages, because not only did they miss him a lot, but now they can know a little more about the idol.

Recently, BTS revealed how they would behave if they were fans of themselves, what kind of ARMY are they?


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