Jungkook Says BTS Won’t Hold On To Popularity Rankings


Jungkook assures that BTS will not worry about staying in the popularity charts, only in music

Jungkook says that BTS sings because they love performing for their fans and not “just to achieve results” during a press conference when they released their new album BE (Deluxe Edition) and lead single, Life Goes On.

Members RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V spoke to the world and South Korean press on Friday morning.

The Kpop Herald quotes singer Jungkook, who directed the Life Goes On video, as saying, “We are the happiest people performing on stage. We don’t dance or sing just to get results.”

“We will not hold on to the rankings as we will continue to do what we want to do and make music that we can share with the ARMY.”

However, their results so far have been brilliant, with their music breaking world records and their English single, Dynamite became the first South Korean act to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Jungkook misses Suga Why is he absent?
The group’s rapper Suga was not present at the conference while recovering from shoulder surgery, and his fellow BTS members truly miss the singer.

Suga will not participate in most of the K-pop group’s promotional activities for BE while he recovers from the operation to repair a tear in his shoulder labrum, as we previously reported on Somagnews.

The Fake Love singers looked stylish at the conference in Seoul wearing stylish suits in black or gray. Jin’s style stood out in particular as he complemented his look with glasses, and V’s spectacular coat was a great look.

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Once again, they brought up their hopes for the Grammys (a goal shared passionately by their fanbase, ARMY), and rapper J-Hope said he won’t be able to hold back his tears if it ever happens.

“As we are a team, it would be great to receive an award as a group, as we could have accomplished it all as a group and we toured as a group. “That’s very important to us. If we are awarded, I think I’m going to cry,” said the idol.

The conference coincided with the release of Life Goes On, which follows on from their previous album Map Of The Soul: 7. It appears to be another hit as the video racked up over 14 million views within an hour of its release.


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