Jungkook reveals what is BTS’s best attribute as a team


Jungkook revealed what is the best quality of BTS to be able to work as a team and face the obstacles that come their way.

BTS has become the largest K-Pop group in the world and one of the most influential groups today, thanks to the incredible communication and camaraderie that its members have.

Like any group of friends, sooner or later they will have their differences, so now Jungkook reveals what BTS’s secret is to having excellent teamwork and being the talented stars we all know.

Jungkook reveals how BTS works as a team

During one of the multiple interviews BTS gave to Rolling Stone magazine, Jungkook talked about what he thinks of Jimin, Taehyung, RM, V, Jin, and J-Hope, and how they function as a group.

On more than one occasion we have informed you in Somagnews of friction between the members of BTS, which fortunately always resolve and this is due to a great strength they have, which has allowed them to remain true to themselves.

On the other hand, the Maknae revealed that there is a reason why BTS is staying stronger than ever that makes them have an incredible relationship both with each other and with their millions of fans in ARMY around the world.

The secret of BTS teamwork

Jungkook revealed that the key piece of BTS is the union, since by relating and learning from each other they have created important bonds that allow them to help each other and come out in front of any adversity that comes their way.

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In addition to reinforcing their union as a group, BTS’s camaraderie and work has helped them individually, as Jungkook himself confessed that the time he has spent with his peers has helped him shape his current personality.


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